Different Types of Printers

Different Types of Printers

There are many types of printers and they are separated by the technology that they utilize.

The inkjet printer is especially nice if you have a consistent need to print in color.  You can print photographs on some laser printers, but the quality of the of inkjet color copies will be much better.

There are two types of inkjet printers. They are multi-function and single-function. If you need a printer that faxes, copies, and scans you will need a multi-function printer. If you mainly focus on printing, you will only need a single-function printer. Something to be considered is that the cost of multi-function printers has come down to such a degree that it is a probably a good idea to get a printer that can do many tasks for you for a good price-point. Having several functions does not affect the quality of printing, by the way.

Laser printers use toner. Laser printers can also be multi- or single-function. 

It is also possible to get a printer that just prints photos. They usually include memory card readers, a large number of ink colors, photo-editing tools, and the ability to print on paper that is larger than 8.5” x 11”. You will be able to print your photos at home, but some of the cartridges and paper can be expensive.

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