How to Clean Ink Cartridges

How to Clean Ink Cartridges

Have you ever wondered what to do if it seems your ink cartridge has become clogged or dusty? Well this is your lucky day because we are going to give you the step by step instructions that you have always wondered about, but were afraid to ask.

What you will need for this project is a damp, soft, lint-free, clean cloth.

You will want to use distilled water to moisten your lint-free cloth. If you have no distilled water, use clean luke-warm tap water to moisten your cloth.

  1. Open the printer’s lid and the ink cartridge carriage should move toward the middle of the printer.
  2. Now unplug the small black power cord from the back of the printer.
  3. To clean the cartridges, first remove the color cartridge.
  4. Use your soft, moistened cloth to wipe the copper-colored flex circuit strip on the back of the cartridge. Use an upward motion from the nozzle end to the top of the cartridge. Don’t wipe the nozzle end of the cartridge or touch the gold and silver nozzle plate on the bottom. Now, use a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any remaining moisture from the copper-colored strip.
  5. Use a clean, damp, lint-free cloth to clean the electrical contacts inside the carriage. Use a dry cloth to remove any moisture.
  6. Reinstall the color ink cartridge into the carriage.
  7. Repeat Steps 3 through 6 with the black ink cartridge.

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Keep those cartridges clean!
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