Tips for Printer Maintenance

Tips for Printer Maintenance

Printers need regular maintenance and a little tender, loving care to do their best work for us. Here are some of the maintenance tips we recommend. 

Before you open your printer for maintenance, we suggests that you turn off the power and be careful to avoid hot fusers and moving parts. We do not want to damage the machine or its owner.

There are times that our copies are missing ink, in places, even when we know the cartridges are full. This could be because the printer heads are clogged. To clean them, you must first check your manual that came with the printer or, alternatively, find the device’s manual online.

There are printers that self-clean, but can also be manually cleaned if the owner prefers. The cleaning process itself will use up some ink, so you will want to clean the heads sparingly.

The use of a small vacuum is an excellent way to remove dust, toner, and other dirt that can get inside your printer. This is actually a better idea than using the canned air dusters because the vacuum removes the dust while the air duster may simply spray the debris around inside the printer.

When and if your printer jams, try to remain calm and refer to the instructions that came with the printer to keep from inadvertently damaging your machine. Usually, the best way to remove jammed paper is to use both hands and slowly pull the jammed paper toward you so that the paper does not tear and get left behind in the machine.

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