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John Hopkins Local Progress


John Hopkins stated that it will increase spending with companies in Baltimore City, especially minority- and women-owned businesses, by $6 million over the next three years by focusing on specific purchasing categories.

In FY16, John Hopkin's local spend in the targeted categories increased by $4.9 million, or 5 percent, to $94.2 million compared to FY14 baseline.

John Hopkins also committed to work with 24 nonlocal suppliers over the next three years to create development plans that outline how they will hire, procure, or invest in Baltimore.

JHU and JHHS completed two development plans with nonlocal suppliers in FY16 and have three plans approved for FY17 so far.


Development Plans

Five development plans have been approved so far. Two development plans were completed in FY16.

  • JHU has an agreement with Office Depot to provide recycled toner cartridges from Baltimore-based minority-owned company RGH.
  • A development plan with Hewlett Packard secured the company's commitment to use National Imaging Systems to conduct repairs and maintenance on John Hopkins equipment. National will open an office in Baltimore City and ensure that 30 percent of its workforce is composed of Baltimore City residents.


RGH Enterprises, Inc. Supports Sustainability

November 18, 2015

RGH Enterprises, in Baltimore, Maryland, remains intent on supporting ecology by continuing its sales of remanufactured ink cartridges. A remanufactured – or recycled – printer cartridge is one that is sent to a manufacturer who restocks it with ink and replaces or repairs any parts that are damaged or not working properly. When the cartridge is restored to its original form, it is inspected and tested for quality.

A listing of the brands and types of cartridges included in RGH’s inventory of remanufactured cartridges can be found at Customers can also choose to shop from their store which can be seen at: .

Remanufactured ink cartridges are more affordable and better for the environment because they are recycled and re-used. And RGH Enterprises is able to adjust their prices in-house as opposed to being required by the large corporations to adhere to their price points.

According to an RGH Enterprises spokesperson, “RGH Enterprises is pleased to be able to offer office supplies, like our remanufactured cartridges, that fill a need for start-ups and non-profits which find it necessary to ‘pinch pennies’ wherever they can. In most cases they also get more for their money because remanufactured cartridges are filled to capacity while primary-manufacturing results in cartridges that are not.”

Our customers who are concerned about the environment are thankful that RGH cartridges preserve our natural resources, and keeping prices down is just another way to support the environment. The three Rs of sustainability are – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – and these three actions define the ways to decrease the impact on the environment. At RGH Enterprises, the company’s president, Ron G. Hoff, says corporate sustainability management is good for business and good for customers.

Another way RGH Enterprises supports sustainability is by sharing its building with other small local businesses. Not only does this allow proprietors who might not be able to afford their own office site to have a professional, safe, and affordable venue, but it allows for the sharing of utility costs which again allows for the lowering of overhead, a much-desired budget plus for small businesses. Also, co-working space allows for productivity, inspiration, and networking.

Ron’s spokesperson added, “Being a part of a co-working space is a haven for community and collaboration.”

Ron likes to say that supporting local businesses is one of the most satisfying and rewarding parts of his job.

RGH Enterprises Announces 25th Anniversary and New Staples Advantage Collaboration

October 28, 2015

Baltimore, Maryland-based RGH Enterprises Inc. has announced that it is about to reach a significant milestone, which is their 25th year in business. October will mark 25 years that the company has been selling remanufactured toner cartridges and other office-related products, and they plan to celebrate this with a new collaboration.

In business since 1991, RGH Enterprises originally specialized in remanufacturing toner cartridges, computer-related office products, and laser printing services. Today, the company offers a variety of business solutions to customers based in and around the Mid-Atlantic region and nationwide.

Recently, the company began selling breakroom and janitorial supplies, a list of which can be seen at It has expanded its offerings to include technology, breakroom supplies, furniture, computers, laptop accessories, print, promotional, and various other products.

As part of the anniversary celebration for RGH Enterprises, and to further its business ventures, the company has recently expanded its collaboration with Staples Advantage.

Cliff Griffin, Vice President of Sales for RGH Enterprises, stated, "What makes this new collaboration with Staples Advantage so exciting is the possibility for RGH to offer not only office products, but other services and programs, as well. Services that other companies are not offering.”

Staples Advantage is a business-to-business division of the Staples Corporation that works with businesses and helps them develop customized programs that include specialized pricing options, account management, and a wide range of products and services, at lower costs than found with traditional purchasing.

"In short, this will assist us in helping our customers save money. We couldn't be happier with the collaboration, and, of course, the 25th anniversary," stated Ronald Hoff, president of RGH Enterprises. "We look for opportunities to make a difference in our customers’ lives and when we find them, we seize the moment. Our patrons know that they can always count on us. We are proud of what our customers and the community say about us."

RGH offers products through its official website, as well as on Amazon. Customers can choose to order at either location and remanufactured toner cartridges, as well as other products, can be seen at:


Save Money And Help The Environment With Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

PRESS RELEASE: World Wide Web, 25-SEPT-2014 – RGH Products is pleased to announce that the company has a supply of high quality remanufactured cartridges available for sale. The cartridges are sold by RGH and fulfilled by The cartridges are OEM compatible Lexmark T650 cartridges. The cartridge is high yield and suitable for use in a number of Lexmark Printers.

The T650 cartridges work with Lexmark printers T650DN, T650DTN, T650N, T652 and T652DN, T652DTN, T652N and T654DN. Additional printer models that use the T650 toner cartridges include T654DTN, T654N, T656dne, TS654dn and TS656dne. These are large quantity cartridges which yield up to 25,000 pages with excellent results. The cartridge is a replacement for Model T650H21A

The line of RGH products are of the highest quality and the remanufacturing process is done in the United States. The location is is Baltimore, Maryland, where the firm's offices are housed. For nearly a quarter-century, the firm's principals have been in the business of remanufacturing toner cartridges. The remanufacturing work is overseen by highly knowledgeable and experienced laser printer technicians.

Satisfaction is assured by the quality control methods built into the manufacturing process. Each cartridge is printer tested before being packed for shipment. The actual test results are included in the packaging. Quality control in manfuacturing allows the company to provide a full two-year limited product warranty on each unit sold.  A ninety day money back warranty is also offered. Free shipping is available on this item.

Learn more about the toner cartridges from RGH products by visiting the web pages online at now.