Staples Alliance

Providing business solutions to customers means more than just standard operations to RGH Products. Located in the heart of Baltimore, the company values the notion of establishing a dependable business foundation and enhancing job creation in the inner city while providing quality, consistency, and adaptability to every customer. Becoming part of Staples Advantage Diversity Alliance has afforded RGH Products the opportunity to expand its customer base and provide full-service offerings while maintain its commitment to treating every customer with honesty and respect.

“The differentiator in aligning with Staples Advantage is the company’s foresight to see beyond just office products, which other companies didn’t offer. Through the relationship, we’re now able to offer a wide range of Staples Advantage solutions to give customers a complete business solution while increasing sales of our remanufactured toner.” – Cliff Griffin, Vice President, Sales, RGH Products

The Company

RGH Products has been in business since 1991, originally specializing in laser printing servicing, remanufactured toner cartridges and computer-related office products. Since being incorporated in 1994 through engaging in strategic alliances, today RGH offers a full range of business solutions to customers located primarily in the Mid-Atlantic.

The Opportunity

With more than two decades of service to the Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Virginia regions, RGH has built a solid foundation of customers and partners. RGH also provides products and services to city and state government agencies that extend as far as Tennessee and Alabama.

Although RGH has historically focused on selling toner cartridges and servicing printers, the company’s relationship with Staples Advantage affords it the opportunity to expand its products and service offerings and develop a national reach, which are two major goals of the alliance. What’s more, it allows RGH to grow as a company, creating more inner-city job opportunities within Baltimore–the primary mission to founder Ronald Hoff.

“Beyond expanding our business and improving the bottom line, we [RGH] have been able to create job opportunities within Baltimore. I can’t think of a more rewarding result of this alliance.” – Ronald Hoff, Owner and CEO, RGH Products

The Alliance

As part of the strategic alliance, RGH is fully integrated with Staples Advantage. The relationship allows RGH to offer a wide range of Staples solutions, including furniture, office products, facilities and technology, while also touting the main product offering of RGH – the remanufactured toner. The marketing and brand power of Staples enables RGH to increase its presence in areas and customer bases the company normally could not reach as a small business with specialized offerings.

“What makes this alliance so successful is the balance we’re able to achieve – one provides the resources of a huge, global company and the other brings the personal touch of a small business,” said Ronald Hoff, owner and CEO of RGH Products.

The Staples Advantage and RGH relationship has also produced a distinctive joint sales strategy – delivering the specialization and service of a small business in conjunction with the product assortment and reputation Staples Advantage offers. Backed by the distribution power of Staples Advantage, customers can expect next-day delivery and quality assurance.

The Results

Since the alliance with Staples Advantage in 2002, RGH Products has been able to acquire new business and continually pursue new opportunities. Through the continued success of this relationship, RGH executives project the company will double in size over the next year. An additional benefit of the alliance is that it will allow RGH to grow the toner business as a result of building relationships with a larger group of customers than previously possible.

By pursuing different verticals, RGH has already created more inner-city job opportunities within Baltimore. With an ultimate goal of making a difference in the local community, the Staples Advantage Diversity Alliance enables RGH to be a driving force to job growth while diversifying business and expanding the RGH brand.

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